What's New:

We are now proud and super excited to offer Emerald Valley Equine products for sale. Ask us for a list of products. Plus we have samples and product brochures too!!

We will be hosting our fist AVA recognized competition the North Valley Spring Showcase along with our unrecognized Spring Fest at Wood Ranch in Orland, CA in April.

We are going to be starting the beginning trot team class in May. Please let us know if you want to join our team and try to go to Nationals this year :)

We will be looking for a new horse to join the family as the year progresses.

Regional Championships is going to be back in Grass Valley in July!

And Nationals is going to be in Salt Lake City, Utah in August and we are planning on going. Woohoo!

Vault and Ride On!

Equestrians In Harmony is currently offering  vaulting classes at the Grove Farm in Orland and riding lessons at the Bidwell Park Horse Arena in Chico.

To see more photos and stay updated don't forget to check out Equestrians In Harmony & Phoenix Vaulting Club on Face Book.





Upcoming Events

Apr 29th  North Valley Spring Showcase

(AVA Recognized) 

              @ the Wood Ranch in 

              Orland, CA from 8 AM-12 PM

              (Please Contact for More


Apr 29th  North Valley Spring Fest


              @ the Wood Ranch in

              Orland, CA from 12-5 PM

              (Please Contact for More

              Information or to Sign Up)

May 1st Vaulting, Riding, & Horse Training

Summer Camp Deadline 

              @ the Grove Farm in  

              Orland, CA & TBA Locations in Chico

              (Please Check Out our Summer

              Camps page)

May ??   EIH & PVC's Beginning Trot TEAM

   Class Starting First Week in May

              @ the Grove Farm in Orland, CA

              (Please Contact for More

              Information or to Sign Up)


Everyone Can Have the Chance toExperience the Wonder & Joy of Horses



Based in Glenn County with additional locations in Butte County; we are conveniently located in the North Valley providing services for

  • Chico, CA
  • Corning, CA
  • Durham, CA
  • Orland, CA
  • Oroville, CA
  • Paradise, CA
  • Red Bluff, CA
  • Willows, CA

We offer Equestrian Vaulting classes and lessons as well as English Riding & Jumping.

Our instructors are highly experienced, fun to work with, and totally passionate about what they do! Drop by anytime to see our classes and learn more about our program - you can also contact us for more information.

About Us

Our mission is to help you become safe and confident around horses so you can enjoy the time you spend with them.

Megan A Grove is a Graduate HA Pony Clubber with extensive personal experience; over 15 yrs in Equestrian Vaulting, Dressage, 3-Day Eventing, Hunter Jumpers, and Horsemanship & Care.

"I am always amazed at how beautiful it is when we move in harmony with a horse whether trekking down a trail, flying over a jump, flowing across a dressage court, or standing and performing on the back of our horse."

Kristin L Grove is a Graduate C3 Pony Clubber with extensive personal experience; over 10 yrs in Equestrian Vaulting, and over 15 yrs in Dressage, 3-Day Eventing, Hunter Jumpers, and Horsemanship & Care.

"Riding and working with horses has always been a source of comfort and given me balance in my life."

Equestrian Vaulting Testimonials

"You have fun making new friends and being on a team with the most important team member being your horse! Everybody should do this sport!!." -- Ruby, Vaulting Student

"You not only get be around horses but you also get to express yourself like when you dance." -- Julianna, Vaulting Student

"Horse vaulting is a fun way to work on your entire body instead of working out with a bunch of sweaty people at the gym or at home by myself." -- Maite, Adult Vaulter, Mom, & Horse Owner

"I love vaulting because it has helped me become stronger and more flexible both physically and mentally and has turned me into a better rider." -- Kristen, Adult Vaulter & Horse Owner