Quick Overview of the Equestrian Vaulting Program

The Equestrian Vaulting Program at Equestrians In Harmony teaches gymnastics and dance on horseback.

Equestrian Vaulting is a phenomenally great way to start your horse experience and gain confidence around horses or can add great depth to your riding skills in a long and successful relationship with horses. And as an added bonus you do not need to own a horse to participate.

Our classes adhere to the nationally (EV USA/USEF) and internationally (FEI) recognized form of vaulting and our classes include

  • Stretching
  • General Fitness & Strength Training
  • Gymnastic Exercises
  • Compulsory Exercises
  • Dance Movement & Freestyle Exercises
  • & Horsemanship Skills

This sport is also full of fantastic opportunities to work as an individual or to participate with a partner in a pair or on a team.

*Horses & Lungers are provided by Equestrians In Harmony.

**The Competitive portion of our Vaulting Program is run in conjunction with Phoenix Vaulting Club; a non-profit club and group member of the national vaulting sport organization, Equestrian Vaulting USA formerly know as the American Vaulting Association.

In order to compete at recognized competitions all vaulters, coaches, & lungers must be members of Phoenix Vaulting Club and EV USA. The horses for the Competitive Program are currently provided and trained by Equestrians In Harmony.

Select the vaulting activity you are interested in registering for/learning more about from the links below.