Recreational Vaulting Class Levels

We offer 6 levels of recreational vaulting which also correspond to competition levels so that if you what to try competing for a while and then go back to vaulting for recreation and fun only you can jump back and forth easily. 

For the Walk, Preliminary Trot, Preliminary Canter, and Adult levels you will need to pass a skills evaluation at your request when you are ready by being able to perform at least 70% of the skills. If you can perform 80% of the skills you pass with commendation and if you can do 90% or more you pass with honors.

This helps you know when you are ready to compete at a level and when you are ready to move up to the next level.

NOTE: You may sign up for Walk even if you are brand new to vaulting.

  1. Introduction to Vaulting (1 Month Package for BRAND NEW VAULTERS)
  2. Tiny Tots (4-6 YRS)
  3. Walk
  4. Preliminary Trot  or Beginning Trot
  5. Preliminary Canter or Beginning Canter
  6. Adult (21+ YRS)       

More Information for Each Level of Vaulting will be coming Soon!